October 2020 Tour moved to march 2021 - UPDATE !!

Yes we feared it would come: Another change of dates, and in some cases also venues. These are strange times, very unpredictable, and that goes not well together with planning a rock'n'roll tour months ahead.... so bear with us. We are very sorry we have to postpone again, but the alternatives would be no concerts at all. Which sounds even worse...

We are still working on new dates and/or venues for the Stuttgart, Leer, Heidelberg, Braunschweig and Aschaffenburg shows.

UPDATE Sept 30th 2020: ALL shows have now been moved to 2021 - with the exception of Zirkus Probst, Gelsenkirchen (featuring support Schlagwetter) - THAT will definitely happen ! And we're sooo looking forward to it !!!

So here are the new dates so far. Tickets you've bought already remain valid of course. If you need to return a ticket, talk to the place where you have bought them. And we hope to see you all back again healthy in 2021 !!!

March 2021 Tour moved to march 2022 !
Livestream - Show from Cologne's 'Groove Bar' !