March 2021 Tour moved to march 2022 !

New tour dates in 2022 !! We are very sorry we have to postpone the march 2021 tour, but the alternatives would be no concerts at all. Which sounds even worse.

So here are the new dates. Eventim presale starts today ! Tickets you've bought already remain valid of course for the new dates. If you need to return a ticket, talk to the place where you have bought them. And we hope to see you all back again as soon as possible !!!

UPDATE: A recent facebook discussion made it apparent we need to state the following facts:

1) Heldmaschine tours are not organized, nor booked  by Eventim.

2) Eventim just sells our tickets. Just like our MAM - Shop does, or our booking agency Headline Concerts does, or the local club / venue does in which we will play, or other presale outlets for that matter.

3) Who vaccinates whom... with what, and when, or not... all the when- and wherabouts, as well as possible mandatory air-handling systems in the clubs/venues we will play or not, whether masks will have to be used or not, how many audience will be allowed in, with whatever social distance, or not… we simply CAN NOT KNOW at the given time.

That is not our specialty, nor is it our duty. We are specialized in good Heldmaschine shows. THAT is where WE are the experts.

4) We are planning future shows NOW, in the hope they can take place. If we did NOT plan future shows NOW, it is very likely that all the dates would be gone or reserved otherwise by the time where shows can take place again.

5) We sincerely thank all of you who keep their tickets (which of course remain valid for the alternate dates !)

6) The halle02 Heidelberg show has been moved to Weiher / Mörlenbach. Which is really close to Heidelberg. Tickets or course remain valid for the alternate date!

7) We love you. And we so miss the shows together with you, godammit! We will rock like hell once we're able to do it again! Thank you for all of your amazing support - Please, just stay healthy !!

Live stream Concert July 17th 2021
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