Livestream - Show from Cologne's 'Groove Bar' !

Wooohooo !! We're super excited to be able to announce another very special Heldmaschine livestream concert: July 31st, 2020 in Cologne's Groove Bar & Lounge !!  The very few available tickets for this exclusive little show sold out immediately - but the livestream broadcast of the show will be available worldwide for ALL of you ! It can be seen on our Youtube channel, or on our Facebook as well as the respective Groove Bar social media channels as well.  Again: That livestream is FREE !

HOWEVER... on and you are more than welcome to support the efforts of the band and crew. Every Euro, Dollar or Peso helps, but don't stress yourselves. Only give what you can give. We won't be able to see who donates what. 

So ... WE CAN'T WAIT to see you all again in a few days ... on July 31st 2020 ... starting 8pm CET !!! Have your drinks ready !!

UPDATE: Groove Bar gives away a few last tickets for that unique show. The eligibility requirements can be found in their original posting:

!!! Waaaaah .... CAN'T WAIIIIIT !!!  See you there !!

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