LIVE+LAUT DVD ? 2018 !

12 Dec 2017

Yeeeees, we're working on it! As fast, and as much, as we can! BUT … since we have thought out some extra-special gimmicks for you guys (which is kinda CRAZY to do…) it will take a little longer. Damn. Honestly, this live DVD should have been ready at the same time as the brand new live CD: On january 26th, 2018. BUT … since we absolutely wanted to create this crazy extra special package, we realized too late we need that extra time. This is due to the fact that parts of said packages are hand-made. The video below featuring Dejan and Marco could give you an idea…

Disadvantage: Handcrafting… takes much more time. Especially when you consider we'll hit the road again already in january, and we still may not be done with it. Which could well happen… we just can't say as of yet. We're utilizing every spare hour! Advantage: Every special thingy will be handcrafted personally by us So, stay tuned, create a Heldmaschine DVD gift certificate for your friend / girlfriend for christmas (those are always veeeeery welcome) and please bear with us. Enjoy that anticipation !!