02 Jan 2019

Nacht Der Helden 2018 - THANK YOU !!

Guys - this was most amazing and plain superawesome. Two nights, two cities in the geman north and center, two great venues, four rock'n'rolling bands and fitfteenhundred heroines and heroes partying like hell ... we can only whisper a sore throated Thank You ! You guys were the reason our first very own winter indoor festival, the 'Nacht Der Helde...
17 Aug 2018

Headlining tour, Oomph! EU tour, M'era Luna 2019 !

Wow, there is A LOT going on these days. You've all seen it already: In February and March 2019 we'll finally be back on our own  headlining tour all across Germany ! We don't know yet who our Special Guest will be - rest assured; you'll be the first to know ;))  Let's see if we can manage to present our new album 'Im Fadenkreuz' ('In the...
31 Jul 2018

Amphi Festival 2018 - What a blast !

Guys, it was great to see you all back again this very hot summer at Cologne's Amphi Festival . So many friends, fans, family members, fellow musicians we've come to know and love ... everybody was there. Well, almost everybody ... ;)) We had a great time at Cologne's 'Tanzbrunnen' (= 'dance fountain' ;) location. Had to be there very early on this...
30 Jan 2018

This 'Beast of freedom' truly is 'LIVE+LAUT' !

Guys, it's ®-®-®eally tons of fun rocking with you !! Be it Hamburg, Munich, Berlin or Cologne - what an amazing experience and what a warm welcome. It was truly LIVE+LAUT - and sold out in most cases. This heartfelt welcome (by the hardcore Hämatom fans) wasn't to be expected 100%, so we're even more happy about it. We're actually opening the rele...
19 Jan 2018


The new live double album will be out on friday, jan 26th 2018 ! Right in time for the upcoming tour, which we actually are quite excited for !! We're very happy to get the chance to support none other than the great Hämatom on their release shows – which means we both have a new album to present to you guys !! We'll be touring all over Germany inc...
31 Dec 2017

THANKS 2017 +++ NACHT DER HELDEN +++ NDH 2018 X 2 !!

WHAT AN AMAZING PARTY !!! THANK YOU, guys, it was abso-fucking-lutely amazing !! You made us happy. You killed us. And you made us proud! We have to thank fellow bands Nachtsucher, Schattenmann and Maerzfeld for accepting our invitation, for being there as well – and making this an unforgettable #NachtDerHelden (= NightOfHeroes)!! Honestly, the ent...
12 Dec 2017

LIVE+LAUT DVD ? 2018 !

Yeeeees, we're working on it! As fast, and as much, as we can! BUT … since we have thought out some extra-special gimmicks for you guys (which is kinda CRAZY to do…) it will take a little longer. Damn. Honestly, this live DVD should have been ready at the same time as the brand new live CD: On january 26th, 2018. BUT … since we absolutely wanted to...
06 Dec 2017


This is what the new live double album will look like!! A complete live show for home or travel pleasure, with YOU guys being part as well as us… in all facets and walks of life But seriously: We had many dicussions regarding the little mistakes that usually happen on stage. Leave them there ? Eliminate them ? Discard entire songs when there are mi...
23 Nov 2017


Here we go: We have a new live album coming up: ‚Live+Laut'! In fact.. it's our FIRST live album! Yezzzz! This is going to be great! But seriously; we're finalizing that baby right now, and my oh my, what a badass record this will be. The energy coming out of our speakers is amazing! Unbelievable. And since it is going to be such a cool record, we ...
17 Nov 2017


Let's end this year with a blast! We'll celebrate a huge rock'n'roll party together in the finest location we could get for the event: Turbinenhalle Oberhausen !! Rocking through the night with us will be Heldmaschine , Maerzfeld , Schattenmann and Nachtsucher ! Most of you already know what to expect: The finest of industrial metal, Neue Deutsche ...
11 Oct 2017


People, people, people. Sooo amazing, this first part of the fall 2017 tour !! Forst, Jena, Berlin, Unna, Frankfurt, Kaiserslautern and Siegburg – You killed it !! And just in case it isn't 100% clear yet: We're so happy to tour with the Maerzfeld guys. It's great fun and we're absolutely happy to rock this together !! Right at the beginning of thi...
30 Aug 2017


Na klar, Leute. Vollgas Rock'n'Roll ist angesagt … der Winter kann kommen ! Wir freuen uns auf dieses ‚Heimspiel', wie die Kollegen von Kärbholz es nennen, im heimischen Windeck. Das ist für uns gar nicht mal so weit weg. Und für Euch hoffentlich auch nicht. Bis bald !! 
08 Jul 2017


You guys kept asking for it- we finally mamaged to do it ! On last years' tour, together with Megaherz , the Graz and Vienna show were particularly awesome, so many of you kept requiring we'd come back. And that we do !! Not only are we going to beautiful Vienna again -this time it's the B 72 club -, we'll be in Bavaria's very own Legends Lounge cl...
07 Apr 2017


Finally – here is the video for ‚Die Braut, das Meer' from our latest ‚HImmelskoerper' album !! Director Mark Feuerstake has done it again… and created a true masterpiece. With a little help from our friends – the HM fan family, who came to shoot with us at the Café Hahn club … carrying our René on their hands ;)) Both models Jenumee and Flo gave t...
15 Dec 2016

W.O.A. 2017 !!

Heldmaschine will play Wacken Open Air 2017 – Details to follow as soon as we get them !!
07 Dec 2016


A truly fantastic tour lies behind us now – it was an unforgettable experience to party with you all !! Big thanks to Megaherz plus crew. It was great to walk a mile together with you guys !! Thank you Andi Vader, boss tour manager …. you're a beast !! Thanks to our colleagues and friends of Erdling and Sündenrausch ! Thanks for unicorn pee, for el...
06 Nov 2016


People…. honestly, we're so humbled by all the love that you spread. Of course, we ourselves did send out this Himmelskörper… but the way it is being received goes far beyond all our expectations !! And we're not talking album sales here, or t-shirt sales – no, it's how it resonates with you guys !! The way you rocked with us, the way you party wit...
04 Nov 2016


What would a celestial body (= Himmelskoerper) be without its accompanying symptoms ? Nothing. That's why we'll be carrying some exclusive brandnew merch when we hit Bochum , Siegburg , Frankfurt and Kaiserslautern . Our official online merch store will also offer those shirts – but not before a few weeks. For now that means: Be there, party hard –...