23 Nov 2017

Here we go: We have a new live album coming up: ‚Live+Laut'! In fact.. it's our FIRST live album! Yezzzz! This is going to be great! But seriously; we're finalizing that baby right now, and my oh my, what a badass record this will be. The energy coming out of our speakers is amazing!
Unbelievable. And since it is going to be such a cool record, we just HAVE to go on a ‚Live+Laut' tour, starting january 2018!
We'll be starting that our with opening all six release shows of bad+big guys HÄMATOM!! That's going to lead us all across Germany; plus an additional visit to Vienna, Austria and also a trip to Luzern, Switzerland. February will see us headlining more shows across Germany, and we'll bring a very special guest as well. Who that is going to be… we'll let you know soon! And in march, we'll join MAERZFELD again as special guest for more double power packed shows!
So check for your favourite city or venue and be there ! Tix are available from friday, november 24th !