Tour march 2022 moved to 2023 - with a few exceptions!

Sadly, it was not avoidable once again - our tour in march 2022 had to be moved one more time. The general situation makes it impossible to tour around the country as we had planned to do. BUT there are two exceptions: The Cafe Hahn, Koblenz show and Cologne's Eltzhof both offer big enough capacity and also exceptional hygiene standards, so we are able to play those venues as we intended to! It promises to be a great weekend of hard rocking with all of you - and our buddies 'VLAD IN TEARS', who will support us and prepare all of you for a true Heldmaschine show! We can now only recommend to grab Tickets for the two Shows on march 10th 2022 and march 11th 2022 in Koblenz and Cologne !! 

Naturally, on one hand, we are very sad about the repeated postponing ... but on the other, we are SOOO looking forward to the shows in march 2022 !! See you there ... es geht #WEiTER!!

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