Heldmaschine Christmas Special 2021

Well well well... what can we say? We've had to postpone most of our concerts and even entire tours this year... again. So we thought of something else that can bring us together in the coming weeks and months: The Heldmaschine chocolate advent calendar and the brandnew Heldmaschine mug are here! At the camping site, at the bonfire, filled with mulled wine, coffee oder tea, at breakast in your kitchen at home, or at work - we can now chink glasses anytime (our brand new camping mug is made from  metal... but it can still chink). Available now in our MAM merch shop. We wish you all a relaxing Advent season - and stay healthy!

März Tour 2022 verlegt auf 2023 - mit Ausnahmen!
October Tour 2021 moved to october 2022 !