October Tour 2021 moved to october 2022 !

Argh... announcements like this one ain't no fun at all. We have tried everything behind the scenes to secure the october 2021 shows, but there are still no hygiene concepts that fit for ALL the clubs and venues involved - and for ALL the federal regulations that apply in the german north, south, east and west....

Thus we are left with one option only: Clench our teeth - and move that tour... yet again. This is what we have to announce today - and we are very, very sorry that we have to!

As always, the tickets you have bought remain valid! Older tickets (for concert dates that already had been moved before) stay valid as well The 2020 Halle 02 / Heidelberg tickets are valid for the 'Live Music Hall' club in Weiher (approx 20 km from Heidelberg). All other venues will host our shows in 2022- and an additional concert in Rostocks 'Mau Club' will be added as well to october 2022 - which is really cool, as we haven't played the famous place there before !!

We're also looking forward to our fine support bands 'Soulbound' and 'Vlad In Tears' - they're both awesome sounding bands, and we'll all rock that tour together - that is for sure. Links to find tickets on our DATES page!

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