OUT NOW: 'Im Fadenkreuz' - New CD Album !!

Here we are, folks !! Our longawaited longplayer finally is here - 12 tracks designed to blow your mind. You may already know four of these from our 'Volles Brett' EP, but the versions on the album sound even better... as our very own René has re-mixed them for the album. We also added female vocals to one of the tracks... Heck, just check it out for yourselves at one of the current live shows, or via the official int'l Heldmaschine merch shop at https://www.mam-online.com/bands/heldmaschine.html  and see what else we got there in store for you. We hear there's a rumour concerning a certain black & white coffeetable artbook ... and whatnot. But is it true ??

A word of warning; Plea  bear with us if you live outside of the EU: Postage/Shipping, and in some cases extra taxes, customs etc are beyond our control. We've discussed this with our merch shop and we are offering what we can to make y'all as happy as possible. There is no way around the official international customs, shipping and tax restrictions. Even if MAM can ship some things, we know it becomes very expensive at times, but we can only do so much on our side to keep costs low. At least we do not feed a big record company apparatus - we try to keep our Heldmaschine alive while keeping full creative and financial control. It is the hard way... believe us.

In case you've asked this before : Streaming of the album may be available, but if, it'll be much later this year. We honestly do not know yet. For now we're trying to distribute CDs while being on the road. You'll be the first to get notice when and if this streaming thing will take off. Yes, there is a reason we hold back and we wil elaborate later. For now we're out on the road to present those new songs to you - LIVE !!

Keep an eye out for more trailers and clips coming to tickle and tease you ;)))

„Why no Streaming ??“ „Not shipping to XXX ??“
Im Fadenkreuz Tour 2019 !