New Video + Tour + Bundled shirt exclusives !

On november 3rd a certain Goddamn human (= Gottverdammter Mensch) saw the light of day - in form of our latest Youtube video. It was a very, very moving premiere to witness - around 300 fans from a variety of countries simultaneously watched the clip debut at 8 pm CET. We were right in the middle of it - in Youtube's live chat and we could hardly keep up with the pace in there. Holy moly ... so many of you, and all that babylonian language chatter... and so many stark emotions floating back towards us ... WOW.

We were pretty flashed already by the magic of the live streaming moment ourselves. That made it not easy at all to keep a clear head and answer the chats' demands as we ourselves were struck again by the sheer emotional weight of the clip. But on top of that, the wave of emotions that flowed back towards us through all of YOU participants seriously finished us off. We were of course taken back immediately into how it had been to shoot the video (oh my GOD... the weirdest kind of group therapy ....) and your vibes came back to us at the same time, reinforcing the entire emotional ride... waaah.

Wow, what a ride, guys. We need to do this again ! But let's then do a video, please, that is a little less emotional ... 

Around the same time we were able to announce the continuation of our 'Im Fadenkreuz' Tour 2020 ! The dates were published, and as another first, we're offering exclusive shirts bundled with the hardtickets for the upcoming march 2020 shows!  MAM-Online Shop as always is our partner in crime here. So, starting today you can either get single tickets for all the shows or said bundles that feature the brandnew 'LECK MICH FETT' - shirts. Those ​'LECK MICH FETT' shirts will not be available as regular merch items - they just come bundled with a 2020 ticket! 

See you soon, guys! First, it'll be this december - at our NACHT DER HELDEN  festival, that -another first- will take place on FOUR DATES in the german East, North, South and West (Leipzig, Regensburg, Hannover und Oberhausen) and then we're back in march 2020 - Im Fadenkreuz !

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Im Fadenkreuz Tour 2020 - Presale has started