Im Fadenkreuz Tour moved to late 2020

Hey guys,

these are strange days. Exactly on this beautiful friday, 13th -right in the middle of our 'Im Fadenkreuz' tour- we were about to set up the stage in Cologne's awesome Eltzhof venue - boom, bubble busted. Officials strongly recommended to cancel even mid sized events to reduce infection risks. Oh well. Not the fault of the local promoter as well - they did what they could with extra sanitary utilities, extra air conditioning etc. So the promoter, the booking agency, our special guest Aeverium and us nutcases had a very open and intense discussion. A lot of fans also were already quite uncertain or even anxious about wether to still go to the show, or rather not... It became clear that shifting all the following shows made the most sense for now.

So let's do it then !! We're now working on finding new dates. Most venues have already offered alternative dates, but some are still trying to sort it out. -UPDATE: All new dates are listed below! - The Glauchau date on march 20th at 'Alte Spinnerei' sadly is completely canceled - there is simply no chance of finding an alternative date there. Please bear with us - this is just bad luck. For such a calendar-and-dates  chess match a lot of factors need to play together well - and sometimes they just don't.

Tickets already bought remain valid for the alternative dates. If you want to return your ticket you can do so at the respecting booking office where you bought it. Please be a little patient there as well - particularly with our MAM Shop. This is totally not their usual business.. but we'll assist where we can. If you want to support us, just keep your ticket; don't return it. That btw applies to ANY band or club. But that decision of course is totally up to you. IF you would like to support us even more - get yourselves some Heldmaschine merch from our MAM - official Heldmaschine merch store. Or just listen to our music ;)

Keep call and stay safe, guys, we love you... and will see you again as soon as we can ... WEITER! 

Yours, Heldmaschine

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