Heldmaschine 'Im Fadenkreuz' tour continues !

While we're currently working our butts off in the studio (yes - that can only mean one thing: new songs:)) the Heldmaschine office is planning the continuation of our 'Im Fadenkreuz' tour in the coming fall. This years' festival summer, however, still lies in front of us as well.. and it will be hot, hot, hot for sure.... for example on the upcoming M'era Luna, the Black Castle and the Volle Kraft Voraus festivals. But the hottest of'em all will be at Festung Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz for sure !! For our very own Festungs Open Air, the summer version of our 'Nacht Der Helden festival' we've invited quite a bunch of good friends (old and new) - and we're absolutely looking forward to this one of a kind Neue Deutsche Härte summer summit !!

Where else will you get to see legendary Joachim WittUnzucht, Tanzwut and Maerzfeld sharing the stage with Heldmaschine ?? It'll be the crown jewel of the 2019  summer festival season !!

Still we already do have plans for the coming fall (see dates below !) and are working on new material as well as some new live special ideas for you guys !!

Another first: We now offer real Heldmaschine 'hardtickets' ! That means good old, heavy, high quality printed live concert preorder discount tickets... featuring 'Heldmaschine' embossing... and stuff ;) From now on you can find these -as well as all the other Heldmaschine goodness- at our beloved  MAM-Online official merch store. Of course! Jeez. Be sure to check out our merch store every now and then ... as there is more good stuff to come. Promised !!

So, in the meantime... happy sweating everybody ! See you soon, out there ... 'Im Fadenkreuz' !

Your Heldmaschine

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