New festival MASCHINENGIPFEL - june 10, 2023

It is true - our very own, brand new open air festival will happen! We are super proud and happy to announce this, and we're inviting all of you guys to be part of our first MASCHINENGIPFEL ! It will take place at our beloved, legendary medieval castle location Festung Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz, Germany on june 10th, 2023 !! We have invited friends and colleagues to celebrate our first MASCHINENGIPFEL ! Meet dark wave and gothic legends Diary of Dreams and End of Green and discover amazing newcomers Versus Goliath with their awesome unique metalcore - rap blend. Yours truly Heldmaschine will of course end this hot night with a smashing set as always !

Tickets are on sale right now: Pesented by Sonic Seducer music magazine andCafe Hahn. We're sooo looking forward to seeing you guys there !!

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