New album 'FLÄCHENBRAND' 29.09.23

It is true - we finally have our new album ready!! FLÄCHENBRAND will be OUT september 29th, 2023. One week earlier, on september 22nd, an exclusive (but very official) release party will take place in Cologne's Groove Bar. Tickets are on sale now:    Yes you can get hold of the new stuff there - and of course we'll be there to sign it for you !! Plus raffles, exclusive previews and whatnot ... make sure to be there

 Also not to miss: The upcoming FLÄCHENBRAND Tour which will feature the new album !! Catch us somewhere you can !! Special guest will be upcoming superheroes VERSUS GOLIATH !!


Preorder Album, CD, new Merch etc:

FLÄCHENBRAND + New Single 'Monoton' OUT NOW !
New Single 'Hast Du Angst' - Fr June 9th, 2023 !!